Friday, November 6, 2015

The USPS is very happy a preview of "Old Man Winter"

And so will all of you when my 3 complete sets of new Christmas ornament charts arrive at Hoffman Distributing on Monday for your local needlework store to order in for you! Three new chart releases, each one with 3 ornament designs that are perfect for a quick weekend stitch! The titles to ask for are:

O'Holy Night

Rudy and Friends

Trim the Tree

Next week I will be releasing another 3-pack of ornaments, a snowman design (soon cute!) plus a gift topper design that is all grown up and elegant for a nice change of pace. Who knew I could manage to have so many Christmas designs ready to release good golly!

I will attach a photo of the new snowman design called "Old Man Winter" for a preview - happy stitching this weekend, it looks like winter just may start to rear its ugly head soon...sigh.

P.S. Check back this weekend because I am going to announce a new contest with a chance to win my newest designs!

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Bea said...

Sorry, can't be winter - I still have flowers blooming on my balcony! Love the snowman though.