Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elf of a Shelf....

Well we have our very own "Elf on a Shelf" at our house this Christmas season and the kids cannot wait to jump out of bed each morning to see what sort of mischief he has gotten into overnight! Let me start off by saying we tried starting the Elf tradition last year but our 5 year old was totally freaked out at the concept of this cheeky little Elf coming alive and doing things while he slept so we had to "retire" Elf until this year. Now he is on board with the whole idea of it - the kids got to pick a name for the Elf and register it in Mrs. Claus's adoption book at the North Pole and he is now known as Snowflake Jones! I thought you would get a good chuckle out of a couple of things Snowflake has been doing around here recently!  So if you have your own Elf on a Shelf please feel free to leave your favorite Elf story in the comments section below!

Look very carefully in the bowl of oranges!