Saturday, October 29, 2016

Take a walk down my "Haunted Halloween Hallway"!

Both of our kiddos are in elementary school and what is a Mom to do when she goes to a PTA meeting to hear they won't be doing a Haunted Hallway this year because it is too much work and no one is willing to give the time up to do it - not to mention that the Mom who organized it last year switched schools for this school year and ALL of the supplies personally belonged to her!

Ahhhhh so of course my hand shot up in the air and I offered to do it! EEK, perhaps I had a lack of oxygen to my brain at that very moment because really....what the heck was I thinking!!!! Three weeks later, 2 dry run throughs set up in our garage, a TON of supplies and approximately 5,321 "Mom" hours later (with the amazing help of my sister Karen!), we did that Haunted Hallway on Thursday night. It was a great hit and note to self...never use leaves as decor inside of a carpeted school!!!!

Happy Halloween from my house to your house and of course happy stitching!