Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How does a new design start out?

Here's how....I was thinking about all of the many, many details that go into creating a new design so let me walk you through a glimpse of the process right now!

A new page = the start of something fresh and exciting.

From there I get to start picking the color palette that I want to use....

Once I have a head start on the colors, the actual designing process begins...

Then after many MANY changes I end up with the final design that needs to be stitched for the model which is the picture that goes onto the front of a new design....

And finally the finished design gets shipped out to Paula Fruth at The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio so that she can work her framing magic on the new design while using a beautiful frame from Huneywood Frames.

I do have to admit on occasion I don't quite have enough to time to get the model framed before needing a picture to use on the first print run so I try to be creative to photograph it BEFORE it ships off for framing.  Especially in time for Nashville Market....because there simply aren't enough hours in my day to work, design, look after 2 kids, and everything else that comes along with life!!!!

Like using Easter tinsel arranged as a sort of "frame" on the stitched model!

So there you have it - the steps that a designer goes through more or less to release a new pattern...Happy Stitching and be sure to ask your local needlework store to bring back my latest designs next weekend when they head to Market in Nashville!