Friday, August 21, 2015

Monkeys, Turtles, Lions - OH MY!

Nothing like a day at the Zoo to get you to enjoy a fine summer day the week before school starts back up!  Did I mention that school starts next week???!!!! Lol!

Anyway I thought I would share some great summer photos from our day trip to the booming little town of Wahpeton, North Dakota where we saw a zoo keeper standing in a crocodile enclosure calmly hosing down the rocks while this giant beast with VERY sharp teeth watched her - we asked if she was nervous and she said "no, he knows if he bites me he won't get fed!" to which I thought in my head "technically zoo keeper lady, that's sort of not true because chances are pretty good you would be his dinner!"

Sad primate if you ask me although he was delighted to remove the food he was chewing in order to show it to us!

Aforementioned mean boy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

"Sammy Scarecrow" now available in the Sept/Oct issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine

Presenting the design "Sammy Scarecrow" which is published in the Sept/Oct issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine along with other great Halloween ornament designs!