Friday, November 6, 2015

The USPS is very happy a preview of "Old Man Winter"

And so will all of you when my 3 complete sets of new Christmas ornament charts arrive at Hoffman Distributing on Monday for your local needlework store to order in for you! Three new chart releases, each one with 3 ornament designs that are perfect for a quick weekend stitch! The titles to ask for are:

O'Holy Night

Rudy and Friends

Trim the Tree

Next week I will be releasing another 3-pack of ornaments, a snowman design (soon cute!) plus a gift topper design that is all grown up and elegant for a nice change of pace. Who knew I could manage to have so many Christmas designs ready to release good golly!

I will attach a photo of the new snowman design called "Old Man Winter" for a preview - happy stitching this weekend, it looks like winter just may start to rear its ugly head soon...sigh.

P.S. Check back this weekend because I am going to announce a new contest with a chance to win my newest designs!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

First Ornament Trio chart! "O' HOLY NIGHT"

I emailed this chart with details to Hoffman Distributing this afternoon so I should receive my p.o. from them by the end of the week which of course means your LNS should be able to order it in for you in about 7-10 days - yeehaw! Two more sets to still release so keep checking back and I am telling you, I have so many Christmas designs either half stitched or waiting to be proofed for release so please sit tight and there will soon be lots of new stitching goodies coming your way - happy stitching!

"O' HOLY NIGHT" trio of ornament designs, retail price $8.00