Saturday, May 5, 2012

VERY Exciting Publishing News to share!

Well I am soooo excited to share with you that I have been given the chance to do designs for JustCross Stitch magazine three times this year - yahoooo! The first appearance will be a Halloween ornament in the Halloween Ornament specialty issue published sometime later this summer....that will be followed by another ornament in their Annual Christmas Ornament issue (one of the biggest publications available for Christmas ornaments and eagerly anticipated by many!!!) And not to be finished just yet I will also have a featured project in the December 2012 issue of JustCross Stitch!

Well then, how's that for crazy exciting news! The funniest part is that they had picked up the Christmas Project and I didn't get a spot in the ornament issue until yesterday when I got an e-mail from JustCross Stitch magazine saying they had a last minute cancellation and offered that spot to me - crazy part is that I have from yesterday afternoon until this coming Thursday to get an ornament designed, stitched AND finished and mailed out to the magazine with them receiving it by the end of Thursday...whew that is a load of pressure but let's say the opportunity couldn't be passed up!

So the design is done and I am currently about 20% done with the stitching. As long as I have it done by Wed afternoon then I shall become good friends with my local Fed Ex shipping office!

So Happy Cinco de Mayo today and as always Happy Stitching!