Friday, September 23, 2016

Remember the song "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn?

I really loved that song - which is already 25 years old eeeeeek - and the entire album it came in back when you still could buy a record on vinyl - not a CD and not a digital download but a good old fashioned record!

I saw Marc Cohn perform in Fargo back in 2008 which happened to be about two weeks after our son was born - loved the concert - fast forward to last month when I discovered Marc Cohn would be performing in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota at this little 550 seat venue called the Historic Holmes Theater and ALL tickets were only $35/each!  Whoohoooo, I snapped up two of them in the 2nd row and drove the hour out there last night.

Great concert, the songs are as good as always and the crowd all had a wonderful time singing along. Funny story but we were walking upstairs to where the doors are to get into the actual concert theater and a door opens and just about hits me in the face- I jerk to a fast stop and out rushes none other than Marc Cohn and a lady who was rushing him into a dinner going in - darn it because if I had quicker reflexes I totally would have asked for a picture with him!

Marc is the one wearing all blue second from the left