Saturday, November 14, 2015

CONTEST!!!! And a little sneak view ....

Let's start off with the really fun part and that is the contest that starts right now on my blog - all you need to do is leave me a comment about which Christmas ornament design that I just released is your favorite and then add a note to your own blog letting your followers know to check out this blog and I would love to see more people sign up!  What do you win you ask?  Any one of my new releases - there are 3 new sets of ornament designs AND "Old Man Winter"  to choose from!  I look forward to reading your comments on what design you like the best!

Second thing is a sneak peek at a new Christmas design that I am almost finished stitching - I will share a corner of it with you right here.

Happy Stitching this weekend everyone!


Bea said...

Been off the computer for a few days, so just found your post. What a lovely thing to do and I would love a chance to win Old Man Winter. Off to post on my blog now.

Melinda said...

I always enjoy your designs. You new holiday ornament Believe is I think my favorite. Would love a chance to win.