Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome Home and contest winners!

Well then, after a crazy 12 hour airplane trip home, we finally came back early Saturday morning to see yet another blizzard all day Monday - sigh -
Spring is never coming, I'm telling you!!! We arrived in Denver to catch the portion back to Fargo only to find out that our plane was 3 1/2 hours late arriving from Alabama so we weren't going to depart Denver until almost 10 pm getting us into Fargo around 12:30 am! Next up, United Airlines assigns my husband to row 14 and the two kids and I to the last row in the aircraft - nothing like having the lavatory directly behind your seats! Then as we are descending to Fargo out plane pulls back up and the pilot informs us that due to really bad ground fog in Fargo we are now re-routing all the way to Minneapolis to re-fuel, complete new paperwork and try again to land in Fargo....this means an extra hour flying to Minneapolis, 2 1/2 hours on the ground and another hour flying time to Fargo! Needless to say we finally landed at the fine hour of 3:30 AM! Not impressed although my hubby cracked me right up Saturday when he said "Hey honey, do you think we get air miles for the extra distance we flew???" -
How funny is he??!!!

Now to the ever patient contest winners - thank you to everyone that referred a new member to my blog this time and because I appreciate all of you following me and sharing my blog with others, if you are one of the people who left a comment under my contest heading then email me at picklebarreldesigns@yahoo.com and let me know your mailing address/name and EVERYONE who commented wins something new!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and Happy Stitching!

Oh and the first pic is the front street today at home and the second pic is of the mountains as we were landing in Denver on Friday evening!