Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer and a winner for last contest!

Congratulations to Claudette497 who posted a comment about her preference for black & white charts - I emailed her yesterday to pick her favorite Pickle Barrel Design chart and I will mail it to her! Thanks again to everyone who left a comment and for now I am switching away from color charts and doing it in black & white. 

Otherwise I am working on a new Fall design right now - then I better get some Christmas ideas down on the computer.  My question today is do you like Christmas designs that use lyrics from old favorite Christmas carols? I'll be waiting to hear your thoughts - and Happy Stitching!  

Since I don't have anything photo related to designs so instead I will share some random summer photos with everyone today...

The photo at the end of the crazed two year old is our son about four years ago - it is the funniest photo ever!!!!