Thursday, January 5, 2017

App problems updating here! Hot Weather! Weddings!

First off it has been far too long since I last posted - sorry except to say that everyday life got in the way! We had lots of events going on at school for holiday themed events that needed Mom volunteers - check!  Packing for 4 people to go away for 11 days...check! Renewing your wedding vows after originally getting married at City Hall in a black business suit on your lunch hour?...check!

Off to the Bahamas we went - enjoyed our favorite resort on Paradise Island (Atlantis) and renewed our wedding vows with our 2 kiddos being part of it - a great experience indeed and long overdue.  The day we arrived there was a temperature difference of 110 degrees F from the time we got up in Fargo to the time we went to sleep in the Bahamas 😳😱! We spent time at the beach, the pool, enjoying the water park at Atlantis and really just relaxing a lot and enjoying each other's company - mission accomplished!  I will share some of the sights of the Bahamas and promise that I have some terrific plans for new designs coming out this year from Pickle Barrel Designs so keep checking in for updates! 

Happy New Year! 🤗

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Bea said...

What a beautiful spot! And congratulations on renewing your vows. That must have been a very special moment.