Friday, March 9, 2012

Very VERY high up!!!

When I lived in San Francisco (before 9-11 happened) I was able to get a private VIP Tour of the Golden Gate Bridge where a police officer would accompany you up a tiny elevator then up miles of steep stairs until they opened a hatch and out you popped 780 feet above the deck of the bridge. Now that 11 years has passed and we have 2 little kids I cannot believe that I actually had the nerve to go waaaay up to the top! So here is the picture to show everyone the most amazing view and sadly once 9-11 happened they stopped offering the VIP Bride Tour so it really was a once in a lifetime chance for me.


natalyK said...

That is truly amazing Nancy. Like you said, bravery prior to having children.

Lynn said...

What an amazing opportunity! I'm afraid you couldn't get me up there though, lol!