Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love that retro look!

As soon as I saw this little patio set, it not only made me smile and immediately think back to my childhood, but it also just made me feel happy due in part the the funky color!  Anyone born before 1975 should get a blast from the past with this photo!  It does however show just how important colors can be which translates over to cross stitch designs.  Believe me when I tell you I have chosen my fair share of odd color combinations for new designs and have learned important lessons along the way. My framer, Paula at The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio has helped me along the way with suggestions and ideas, and I actually bought a color wheel that you can turn and see what family of colors would complement each other. So there is an important example of what color can do and just how important it is in our lives!  Happy Stitching !


Melinda said...

My mom had a set of chairs just like these - my sister has them now. I can't tell you how many different colors they have been over the years - I love this bright yellow

Meari said...

Love your patio set! I remember seeing chairs like that when I was a kid.