Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Need Your Opinion!

need to know your thoughts on a design dilemma that I have. I originally designed and stitched the "Route 66" design and when I was finished I felt that it wasn't "big enough" in size to release it I designed and stitched a companion piece for Route 1 to go on the same chart. I have photographed both designs to have a sneak peek at - so here is my big you think that I should add a saying to the Highway 1 design, maybe something like "having fun on Hwy 1" or do you think it looks good just the way it is since the $8.00 chart will have both Route 66 and Route 1 designs on it.

Opinions please!!!


CalamityJr said...

I like having the wording on both. That keeps them consistent if someone wants to display them together, and if they don't want words, they can just leave them off!

Catherine said...

I agree with CalamityJr!

Linda said...

I love both charts. I think you should put the words on also.


Bea said...

I would go for words, I think it will keep them balanced. And it's easier to leave them off if you don't want them than to have to graph your own if you do want them.

Marilyn said...

Happy Campers or On The Road Again comes to mind. lol
I also think words would be better.
Like Bea said, you can always choose not to stitch them if you don't care to.
Cute designs!

Faith... said...

I like the words

Miamina said...

I agree with the others, have wording on both to keep them the same!