Monday, February 1, 2016

Preview of 4 NEW Designs releasing at Nashville Market!

I promised that you would be the first group that scored a preview peek at the new designs I am releasing at Nashville Market so be sure to ask your local needlework store to pick it up for you when they trundle off to Market!

          "OMG MOM", retails for $8.00

     And isn't it just so darn true too - it
      would make a terrific Mother's Day
      gift too!

        "BBQ RULES", retails for $8.00

    Don't we all have that special male in
    our lives that is King of the Grill? Why
    you know the answer is yes - a great
    idea to stitch in time for Father's Day!

    "EASTER WEEKLY", retails for $8.00
    A delightful look at what the front page
    of your paper might look like if I was in
    charge of printing in time for Easter!

    "JELLY BEANS etc.", retails for $8.00

    A whimsical Easter design offers you     everything from bunnies to jelly beans to  
        chocolate bunnies and more!

Let me know how you like this tantalizing batch of new designs - which is your favorite? - share it with fellow stitchers all over social media too!  

Drop me a comment to let me know where you shared the pictures and I'll put your name in for a chance to win the design you like the best - does it get any better than that!


Bea said...

LOVE, love the mother one. The others are terrific patterns, but that's the one that grabs me.

KimM said...

Love them all....especially the one about mom....😄