Monday, September 12, 2016

Best Bride Photo EVER!

Hubby and I went out to a wonderful restaurant called Rustica this weekend along with 2 very dear friends who are like family to us. While sitting at our table by big windows I looked out and realized there was a fully dressed BRIDE riding behind her Groom on a motorcycle about to drive by so I jumped up with my iPhone to try and snap a photo it was that cute! So I will share that great snap here along with photos of our two entrees that night - the night's specialty which was a strip steak with ratatouille and the other is a pan cooked chicken breast on a sweet potato mash with a cranberry glaze - fantastic food - fantastic friends - and truly a fun night when we needed it!


Bea said...

Love that wedding snap - definitely not something you see every day. And that food looks delicious. glad you enjoyed your relaxation time.

diamondc said...

Oh my goodness that food looks so good. Yummy is all I can say.
The photo of the Bride and Groom cracks me up.
Thanks for sharing.


Kaisievic said...

Definitely a great bridal snap! The food looks so yummy!