Saturday, February 11, 2012

School Work takes on a new meaning!

So I get an email this morning from Paula at The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio asking if I could design a beginner level for a local elementary school as she promised last May to go in and teach approximately 60 students from Grade 4 through Grade 6 how to cross stitch! Of course I said that I would and since their school logo is a paw print I thought that would be the smartest thing to do - should have something done for her on Monday and what a cool teaching thing to participate in so I will post a picture once I do it - stay tuned!!!

I am currently working on a new series called "Switchits" which will feature 3 different designs on each chart and each of the designs are split into 4 pieces...sound a little confusing? I will try and post a picture of one this week so you get a better idea! Check out my website and you can see some freebies I have available as well so thank you Nataly for mentioning me in your blog so that I can introduce my designs to new people - any other mentions from stitches would be so welcome!

Well that the news for Saturday - more updates to come and all comments are welcome!

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natalyK said...

Looking forward to seeing your newest design ideas. Sounds fun!