Sunday, March 10, 2013


How many of you watch the show "Parenthood" on TV? I just love love love this many times I settle in to watch this hour of drama and end up with tears in my eyes because yet another touching or sad or hysterically funny it makes me cry moment has happened and sniff sniff, there I go again. I am hoping it gets renewed for season 5 so that I can continue to bond with the Braverman Family - from Sydney's reaction to Victor becoming a brother, Sarah making another bad choice in the love department (what - Hank moved to Minnesota??!!), Drew making the life choice with his girlfriend that will haunt him for the rest of his life, Christina and Adam dealing with her breast cancer diagnosis and the heartbreak of almost losing her at Christmas to Crosby and Jasmine discovering they are having a baby - wow, just writing this post makes me want to watch it right now! If there are any other Parenthood fans out there, leave me a comment on what character is your favorite and why!

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