Saturday, March 16, 2013

More snow and more to stitching update!

Hello! I have to start by apologizing that I haven't been posting anything stitching related recently but I sure do have a good reason...JustCross Stitch Magazine picked up 7 designs to publish in 2013 issues (including the annual Christmas Ornament PREVIEW Issue as well as the ever great Christmas Ornament Issue!) so I have been madly designing, stitching and finishing all of these designs. Trust me when I say it has consumed every spare minute I had over the last month plus the fact we took the kids to Palm Springs for 8 days last month for Spring Break. I can breathe a sigh of relief finally and start designing some summer themed designs for release and I have a really cute one that is half done right now that should be out next month sometime. I did release "Sail Away Sampler", "Winter Alphabet" and "Sand Dune Bay" at Nashville Market earlier this month!

Now the snow - holy smokes, every single weekend for the last 6 weeks we have had a major snow event - sigh - another one happened yesterday with more expected Sunday night into all day Monday AND if that weren't enough they are saying yet another storm should be rolling this way by about Thursday. We went from having a 5% chance of Spring Flooding to having more than a 80% chance now. The snow banks are so high that you can't see around corners when turning from one street onto another....we are even running out of places to put the snow we shovel. really is insane and a little scary all at the same time.

Happy Stitching and the new charts are being sent out Monday morning to everyone who was a contest winner a couple of posts ago - thanks for your patience!!!


Melinda said...

So excited to see your designs in The JCS Ornament issues - Can't wait.....

Sue said...

Hi Nancy,

I have been laid up since March 4th. I had a total knee replacement, so have been busy exercising the leg on a machine; plus other exercises. I am doing amazingly well; but still have not felt up to much stitching. I do bits here and there. One of my stitching buddies came by today for a few hours and I stitched with her; it felt good! I loved all your designs and cannot remember if I sent out recommendations or not, but I know I commented. That is okay, though, I will wait until you have another contest going.

I love a couple of your designs from Nashville that I plan to purchase!!!!!! Keep those designs coming.


SoCal Debbie said...

Too bad you couldn't have stayed here in California until all the snow melted back home! Be careful and keep those fingers busy stitching!