Saturday, May 7, 2016

Garth Brooks concert A++!!!

If any of you have seen Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood on Garth's current world tour, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say he is one of the most energetic performers that I have ever seen live in concert! The other thing that really great thing is that Garth charges the same ticket price regardless of where you are sitting just to make it affordable for everyone - his other wise move is for anyone who gets floor seats up front, their system emails you mobile tickets 3 hours before the start of the concert, all members of your party need to go in at the same time and whoever bought the tickets has to show picture ID that matches the name on the ticket purchase....why you ask? So that ticket scalpers tend to stay away because it is harder for them to try and re-sell his best seats.

Having said all of that the day tickets for his Fargo show went on sale the demand was so intense that it crashed the entire computer system and they had to stop sales for almost a week until they could sort out the ordering online issues. We managed to finally get tickets in the first round (3rd row from the stage - fabulous!!) but let me say I held my breath as I waited for the online order to process!

So I thought I would share some photos from last night's show here in Fargo - he went from one show originally to a total of 4 shows in 4 days here and played some many of his great older music the entire crowd was singing along!


Bea said...

You lucky, lucky lady!

KimM said...

Wow! What a lucky lady you are!