Thursday, May 5, 2016

If you love little black flats....TIEKS is the word!

Ok, with two little kiddos to chase after I haven't been a big wearer of dress shoes in say, 10 years!  However a month or two ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs "Pioneer Woman" aka Ree Drummond and she extolled the virtues of this little top quality leather ballerina flats by a company in Beverly Hills called "TIEKS".  Hmmmm I thought to myself, maybe I should do some research on these shoes, read a TON of reviews and see how other people like them.  Having said all of that let me add in that they are not cheap - I'm talking $175/pair but as my hubby always tells me "never buy cheap shoes that don't last"....hmmm he must have discovered my penchant for Payless Shoe stores hehehe!  And so I read...and read...and read that everyone who buys them insists they are the most comfortable and stylish shoe they have ever bought - GULP - so for an early Mother's Day present we ordered me a pair of Tieks which come straight to your doorstep in two days! Not only are the shoes GREAT but even the packaging is incredible - who knew!

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